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Create a path from here and now towards where you’d like to be.

Exploring Different Avenues


In addition to Contemplative Writing and Miksang Photography, I have several other avenues of creativity instruction that share a similar eye towards a mindful, spacious approach and practice.

I recognize that the specific formats of weekly classes or weekend retreats might not be a good match for a busy schedule or ability to travel, so with that in mind I’ve created my Creative Cue email prompts. These are a wonderful way to engage from afar and according to your own schedule.

Creative Coaching continues the theme of flexibility while offering a more structured environment. I have Creative Coaching clients with whom I meet in person here in Madison, and clients who live in another city, state, or country with whom I meet through online chats and email exchanges.

Finally, Shambhala Art shares a weekend program-oriented format with Miksang Photography, while at the same time offering a chance to expand one’s focus into a variety of artistic disciplines.

Read on to learn more about each of these offerings.

Creative Cue: Prompts Designed to Inspire


Creative Cue is a new service as of February 1, 2016. Subscribers pay $20/month and receive an email every Monday.

Each email includes:

  • – A unique prompt which will launch you into your chosen creative practice
  • – Suggestions for supporting regular creative practice and how to work with the prompt
  • – An original image to visually spark your creative practice
  • – A quote from sources of wisdom, inspiration, and creative nature

Subscribers also enjoy access to a private Facebook group where fellow practitioners share their multi-media responses to the prompts and offer supportive feedback.

To begin the subscription or for more information on Creative Cue, please see the Creative Cue page.

Creative Coaching: One-On-One Guided Creativity


In addition to the group classes and other learning activities, I offer opportunities to work with me one-on-one through an individually-tailored Creative Coaching program. I can help support a regular regimen of creativity by giving you accountability, a schedule, and structure. We keep in touch as often as needed so you can keep creating and stay inspired. This is a chance to be a partner in shaping your creative life in ways that will not only strengthen your chosen practice but also foster the additionally and equally important ability to find motivation and reliance to keep you on track.  

Please fill out this form for further information and to begin tailoring a process that works best for you.

Shambhala Art: Mindful Exploration of Creative Nature


While Contemplative Writing and Miksang Photography are contemplative arts based in a specific medium, the Shambhala Art programs offer a chance to explore perception and creativity via many media: drawing, dance, calligraphy, flower arranging and more.

There are five parts comprising four weekends in the Shambhala Art program:

  • Parts I-II, “Coming to Our Senses” and “Seeing Things As They Are”
  • Part III, “Creative Process”
  • Part IV, “Power of Display”
  • Part V, “Art in Everyday Life.”

The weekends are sequential and allow participants a chance to sink into their direct experience, combining meditation, experiments with perception and creative exercises. Please see Shambhala Art’s main webpage for more information and history. 

Contact me with your questions about the programs and take a look at my schedule to find upcoming Shambhala Art programs.

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