Miksang Contemplative Photography

The world meets your good eye through the camera lens.

Miksang: Mindful Perception


Miksang is a form of contemplative photography based on the perception teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It is a full practice, with much training and application, and is passed on from teacher to student.

More than an art form, Miksang is a vehicle for realization of the here and now. Please peruse the slideshows below (which represent only a small sampling of our topics), and also visit the main Miksang website, and the Flickr Miksang group.

Available Now

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Looking and Seeing: Way of Seeing Volume 1, the first Miksang course book, is now available through Amazon.


Level I

Level I of Nalanda Miksang, “Looking and Seeing,” is where we study the “Forms of Perception.” We explore the basic components of how and what we see: Color, Light, Texture, Pattern, Space, and Dot in Space. The Flash of Perception is also a key teaching in Level I.

Level II

Level II, “Heart of Perception,” is where we study the “Fields of Perception.” These are content-oriented topics, such as Flowers and Weeds, Landscape, Impressionism, People and Sentient Beings and more. However, due to our training from Level One, the images and practice of Level II bear a contemplative mark in both aesthetic and process.

Level III

Level III, “Orderly Chaos,” takes on a whole new direction. Through a new set of forms and fields, we investigate what less traditional contemplative topics have to teach us. Vectors, Juxtaposition, Paste Up, Twilight, Strangers in a Strange Land and more – just the language hints at how much of a change Level III is.

Absolute Eye

Absolute Eye comes from Miksang but isn’t Miksang. It is the exploration of modern art through the purely visual, and leans on the training of Miksang’s three levels while also existing as its own program.

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