Winter Retreat

Join Miriam Hall for a very intimate annual retreat just south of Madison, Wisconsin.

January 13-16, 2018, 10 am – 5 pm Saturday – Tuesday*

Cost: $100/day (includes lunch)

This retreat is open to beginners – spread the word!

All are welcome: writers as well as people who do not identify as writers, but who are curious about writing as a contemplative practice.

Please note the practice day we used to do on Saturday, setting New Year’s Intentions, has become its own online, four-week workshop. Check my website ( for information/registration.

Each practice day alternates sitting meditation (instruction offered), contemplative writing, and body movement exercises (yoga, mindful body movement, walking meditation).


Whispering Woodlands:

Note: this is not an overnight retreat.

*How attendance works: You can attend anywhere from 1-4 days of the retreat, but you have to start at the beginning and come for consecutive days, as the program goes deeper over time. You can attend Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday, or Saturday-Monday or Saturday-Tuesday.

The first day (Saturday) is a larger group practice day, and consecutive days go deeper into writing practice, doing more and more writing.

If you go home each night, please don’t plan any other big events or socializing (if possible) so as to keep a sense of retreat going throughout the one to four days.

Cost: $100 a day, $50 deposit due January 10. If you are interested in attending, please pay a deposit as soon as possible. If you wish to pay a different price than offered below, please contact me.


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